Measure CPPs and Metabolites in Real Time. No Multivariate Analysis.
No Modeling.

Critical process parameters (CPPs) impact critical quality attributes (CQAs) and need to be monitored and controlled to ensure the quality of your drug product. With Atlas, you can get fast, accurate measurements of CPPs across your upstream process in 1 minute, without cost-intensive multivariate analysis.

Cell Culture

Nutrients and Metabolites

In mammalian cell culture, suboptimal feeding of glucose can lead to excessive lactate production, which may negatively impact cell growth and viability as well as protein production.

Viable Cell Volume (VCV) and Product Titer

Measuring VCV and product titer provides valuable data that can be used to enhance process understanding, refine bioprocess models, improve scale-up strategies, and develop robust control strategies.


Nutrients and Optical Density (OD)

By measuring glycerol levels, feeding strategies can be optimized to ensure that cells have a consistent supply of nutrients, preventing substrate depletion or excess, which can lead to suboptimal growth conditions or inhibitory effects. Similarly, tracking OD helps in adjusting nutrient feeds, aeration, and agitation rates to maintain cells in the desired growth phase, enhancing productivity and yield.


CPP Monitoring During Cell Harvesting

Cell harvesting is the link from upstream to downstream bioprocessing, and it’s a crucial unit operation involving the removal of cells and impurities can impact further downstream processes. 

The increasing necessity to harvest products from high cell-density cultures while maintaining or improving product yield has led companies to turn to innovative solutions for clarification of cultures, including single-use devices.

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Atlas Reveals Blind Spots Throughout the Bioprocess

Atlas provides confident quantitative results for excipients and antibody titer concentrations 5000X faster; with 100X less sample and 10X cheaper than current techniques.

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