Replace Assumptions With Real Data.
It’s Time.

Atlas reveals issues before they become big problems, providing rapid, on-demand, at-line analysis throughout the bioprocess. Only 15 µL of sample gets you data for excipients, surfactants, high-concentration proteins and monoclonal antibodies simultaneously in 1 minute.  This is data which previously would’ve taken weeks. With Atlas, it’s all about you.  Run your samples at line and get answers right when you need them.  No sample prep, no complex analysis, just data you can trust.


mAbs, peptides, ADCs

Amino Acids

Histidine, arginine, methionine


Sucrose, trehalose, sorbitol


Tween 20 and 80, Poloxamer 188

You Say When and Where

Run at-line quantitative measurements on a wide range of analytes and get answers right when you need them. Atlas can be used across all unit operations to provide cost effective, actionable insights.

Take Control

Slow data or no data shouldn’t be the only options in bioprocessing. With Atlas you can have data that’s real today, letting you make proactive process decisions confidently. Need more information on that one sample? Now you’ll know for sure if it’s worthy of HPLC.


Benchmark your process

Without benchmarks, you’re flying blind. Retrospective results don’t tell you if things are in spec right now. Validate buffer prep each step of the way to benchmark your process.


Fingerprint your process

Optimize efficiently by fingerprinting your process and catch what you might be missing. Monitor excipient titers in real-time to fingerprint your process.

In bioprocessing, this technology can be used to streamline product testing for rapid release following final formulation and to enable the detection of the many excipients used across different formulations.

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