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A better way to biomanufacture is here

Faster and Automated with Nirrin’s optical sensor platform

Reduced process time

Decreased catastrophic contaminations

Automated control

Efficient deployment of resources

Real-time data collection

Next Generation Bioprocess Control

Modern biotechnology has advanced greatly over the last 50 years, from engineering human insulin to monoclonal antibodies. Although the complexity of the molecules has increased, as well as genetic engineering efficiency, the biomanufacturing industry is well behind others in process control and automation. Lack of control and automation leads to lack of quality, thus continues to drive long development times and large development costs. 

Nirrin Technologies provides the next generation of sensors and analytics that enable bioprocess automation with real-time, in-process monitoring for upstream and downstream applications for the biopharma and life science industries.

  • Real-time insights with in-process monitoring of critical analytes
  • Automated process control for upstream and downstream applications
  • Faster process time with continuous manufacturing

How it Works

Proprietary tunable laser technologies

High speed, Optimized power

Optimized optical probes and form factors

Best-in-class signal-to-noise, Plug-and-play form factors

Systems with intelligent analytics

Automated analysis, Real-time, actionable data

The future of biomanufacturing is automated

At Nirrin, we are committed to design, develop, manufacture high quality sensor and integration technologies for mammalian cell culture, microbial fermentations, cell therapy, gene-therapy and many non-bioprocess related industries.

Our enabling technology utilizes breakthrough analytical methods to deliver accurate, reliable, and simple-to-use solutions to reduce costs and time-to-market while increasing process control and data insights.

Nirrin is building the foundation to enable continuous control and automation with real-time, actionable bioreactor data.

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