Tunable laser spectroscopy platform enables at-line, simultaneous analysis of excipients and high-concentration antibodies in 30 seconds with no sample prep

Billerica, MA — October 5, 2023 — Nirrin Technologies, a company developing analytical systems to transform analysis for downstream bioprocessing operations, showcased three enabling at-line/in-line applications in poster presentations for buffer verification, UF/DF endpoint detection and dilution-free protein quantitation at the BioProcess International conference last week in Boston.

Biomanufacturing necessitates careful tracking of all components, including active pharmaceutical ingredients and excipients that enhance drug safety and efficacy. At-line/in-line monitoring of these component concentrations improves process knowledge and confidence. Nirrin’s high-precision tunable laser spectroscopyTM (HPTLS) platform lets scientists analyze their drug formulations at line and get rapid, quantitative results.  

“Nirrin’s HPTLS technology combines the power of near-infrared (NIR) spectroscopy with the cutting-edge advancements of a tunable laser source to provide a unique and quantitative protein signature with wide dynamic range, accuracy and precision,” said Bryan Hassell, PhD, Nirrin Founder and CTO. “Quick and accurate measurement of excipient and antibody concentrations are challenging due to the absence of easy-to-use at-line technologies. During an evaluation of our platform early evaluators have been able to employ a single, at-line method to rapidly measure both simultaneously.” 

Existing optical techniques used in downstream analysis may suffer from limited specificity and dynamic range or require time-consuming sampling and modeling. Delivering a signal-to-noise ratio 3 orders of magnitude beyond normal NIR spectroscopy, HPTLS provides the selectivity needed to measure individual excipients and proteins, and the dynamic range to quantitate formulations at protein concentrations beyond 100 mg/mL. Actionable results for downstream processes are delivered at-line in 30 seconds using only 15 µL of sample, with no dilution or sample prep. 

Nirrin also launched their new STEP partner program at BPI 2023. The program sets evaluation partners up with an HPTLS-based platform to explore the potential benefits in their own downstream applications.  

About Nirrin Technologies 

We are illuminating new insights in bioprocess operations for greater clarity and confident decision making. Our simple-to-use sophisticated analytical systems are powered by high-precision tunable laser spectroscopyTM (HPTLS) and poised to blaze new trails in near infrared (NIR) spectroscopy across the bioprocessing workflow. Our team hails from Boston, MA and combines decades of industry experience with a passion for making life-changing medicines easier to make.

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