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Christian Cardozo, MS

Software Engineer

Christian is a software engineer for Nirrin Technologies. Prior to joining Nirrin in 2019, he served as a lecturer at MIT, teaching introductory physics, mathematics, and computer science. His primary technical interests are in machine learning and computer vision. Above anything, however, Christian is passionate about making things make sense. While working at MIT, he developed and taught several introductory courses to ease first-year students into advanced topics. Now at Nirrin, he makes applets and user interfaces to help make sense of data.

A random sampling of Christian’s activity may prove surprising: in addition to his software work, he is an independent videographer and photographer in Boston. He can also be spotted fooling around on Photoshop, falling into a television rabbit hole with his girlfriend, tutoring local students, and composing music.

Christian received his Bachelor’s and Master of Engineering degrees in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from MIT in 2018.

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